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Inferno is a bit of an Inferno


Robert Langdon the sensational character among the novel readers is back with his third film. Inferno has hit the screens on 12th of October. Tom Hanks has given life to Robert Langdon and Felicity Jones as Dr.Sienna.  The film was directed by Ron Howard and distributed by Colombia Pictures.

The story starts with Langdon waking up in a hospital affected by convenient semi-selective retrograde amnesia(huff too lengthy) due to a head injury. This makes him forget what landed him hospital or who is responsible for it He even forgets the word coffee). Dr.Sienna is there to assist him; she even helped him in breaking few codes as well. By now the chasing has already started. Langdan couldn’t recall why he is being chased and there are people who try to kill him as well. This continues for a while, until a Eureka moment appears where he recalls everything his decoding skills were back.  Langdon finds that he is in possession of Botticelli’s painting of the Map of Hell. Concealed within the painting is the first of many clues, which Langdon must solve to stop half of humanity getting wiped by Inferno, a virus created by Bertrand Zobrist (A billionaire believes overpopulation is the cancer to the world). What happens next unfolds in a rather preaching and slow phase.

If you have read the book inferno and if you are a diehard fan of Langdon or Tom Honks you should give a try. But rather for general audience the movie fails to impress much. It takes too much time in explaining about the clues and the inferno (Almost preaching). It is like a documentary about some famous museums and historical places. The much needed twist comes after a lengthy chase (by now few audience might have taken a stretch).

This movie is a good adoption of the actual novel but the least best of the Langdon trilogy in my opinion. The saving part of the movie is Irrfan Khan (who seems to have fun of his own). The movie is worth one viewing.

Goose pumps moment:  Ahnnnnng… still searching for it. The moment when Langdon discovers the truth behind the clues.

Like review: Like drinking a liter of water without thirst.

P.S: This review is purely my opinion about the movie. It is never intended to hurt anyone’s belief or feeling.


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