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I am M-M-Mumbai, an emotional read -Book review

I am M-M-Mumbai review: “I stepped on to the red carpet and was assaulted by the continuous flashes from cameras that were suddenly hovering around me.” 

Plot summary: Rudra, an young man with a dream to reach the highs of Bollywood starts his life as an assistant director. His dream of becoming an actor gets crushed every time because he stammers. His stammer has brought him humiliation and insecurity. Life troughs hope through Richa, the love of his life. But, it doesn’t stay long. Every humiliation and heart break has made Rudra wanting to achieve his dream. How he overcomes his disability? Has he achieved his dream? The questions were answered in the 188 page of drama.

I am M-M-Mumbai review

Author: Rishi Vohra

Pages: 192 (Paperback)

Published by: Vishwakarma Publications

Price: Rs. 215/- Buy now

Goosebumps review: I am M-M-Mumbai is emotional and realistic in the first half, predictable and a little over exaguarated in the second. Give it a try if you love emotional stories. Apart from few hic-cups in the second hald, its a must read for Bollywood and Mumbai lovers.

Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)


I am M-M-Mumbai review:

It’s all about achieving dreams. Every one thrives to achieve something in life. The one who works towards the dream becomes successful and the one who doesn’t end in mediocrity. Rudra’s life is among the earlier one.

Rishi Vohra’s stories make a Bollywood experience. I am M-M-Mumbai is of no different. The story of a young stammering aspirer and his path to success makes a complete Bollywood package.

Rishi has penned an excellent character in Rudra. The character is realistic. The humiliation Rudra faces, the personalities he meets are entirely believable. The perfection doesn’t stop their, it extends to each character. Readers can easily relate at least one character to their personal life.

The first half of the story is exceptional. The narration is deep and emotional. Rudra’s pain can be felt through Rishi’s words. Apart from Rudra’s struggles, the story stands out in describing Mumbai, Bollywood industry and the life of dreamers.

The story shows the different faces of Human beings. The characters Rudra meets are fine depiction of real life, especially Richa. Rishi’s lucid language helps in understanding characters and the scenes with ease.

The drawbacks start in the second half of the story. It becomes predictable and unbelievable. One can feel happy when Rudra climbs the ladder of success, but how he overcomes his disability is unclear.

Apart from few hiccups in the second half, I am M-M-Mumbai is an emotional ride which can make a cool Bollywood flick.


  • Reality of characters
  • Emotional set up
  • Rudra’s character
Flops side
  • Predictable second half
  • Unbelievable success of Rudra

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