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“Her Last Wish” – Ajay Pandey’s next novel

Her Last Wish“Her Last Wish”, the name might trickle some sad feelings in the readers. Ajay K.Pandey risen to fame with his debut novel you are the Best Wife has come out with his second novel. Her Last Wish a novel based came out from a real life incident will be in book stands by December 25th, 2016.

The novel is about Astha and Vijay who are deeply in love and can do crazy things for love. Vijay comes to know that his wife Astha is afected by HIV and she may not survive long. Instead of weeping like other couples are doubting his wife he wanted to keep her happy. The story was an inspiration from a real life incident stated Ajay.

He added “my first book was not a book; it was my own journey with my wife. The second book is my attempt at writing fiction based on true events. Most people are not aware about AIDS or HIV. They mostly assume things and judge those who are infected. In my research, I found out that most HIV positive patients are depressed. They cannot share their bearings. They are fighting their war of depression and pain every day, and without any support from us. It’s a unique book that forces us to open our eyes to the truth and teach us how love can change a person’s life completely. “

Those who believe in true love would never want to miss such a book. Hope this will be another hit from Ajay. We will get you the review once the book hit the stores. Do comment your suggestions.


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