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Giant Flip Books @ New Hemisphere

Giant Flip books

Flip books are once our childhood favorites. We have made it in small notebooks and bit papers. But, in New Hampshire near Stanford a group of talented young minds at Beam Camp has created few giant flip books. Each one has 50 drawings and equipped with a system of gears that lets you crank through the images with the help of a handle. As the illustrations flip past, they combine to form a simple animation. It is similar to the paper made small flip books but they are huge in size.

“As far as we know, these are the world’s largest mechanical flip books ever made,” states Chee-Kit Lai, director of Mobile Studio. “Universal play machines” was the name given to these giant machines. It was the output of combined efforts by The London Architecture firm and the Beam camp (A summer camp that teaches creativity to students).

Flip books

Project, cabins and day in the life at Beam Camp in Strafford, NH

On installation, the campers illustrated the flaps inside the Universal Play Machines to produce animations of bird behavior. The side panels of each machine have a one-way mirror film, and the insides are lined with strips of LEDs. During the day, the side panels reflect the surrounding trees—but at night, the LEDs change the side panels transparent, this reveals the mechanism inside. It was created by the camp students ageing between 10 and 17.



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