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Essence of Gita


Hello friends, Wish you all a Happy Krishna Jeyanthi (Happy birthday Lord.Krishna). Krishna is one of the naughtiest gods in Hindu myths. He has come to Earth to teach dharma. His preaching to the world (To Arjuna) were of immense values. Bhagavat Gita the epic book details his preaching. Written by VedhaVysa Bhagavat Gita is a part of the epic Mahabharath. It would be a perfect to learn few valuable thoughts by Lord Krishna on his birthday.

  1. Do your work, don’t look for the results:

Lord Krishna says that doing a work itself is a success. Don’t look for the results. Once one starts thinking about the results the joy of doing the work dies there. If the result is not as expected then he may not be happy for his entire life. So don’t spoil the happiness of the life by thinking about the results of a work. Just enjoy doing it.

  1. Death is temporary, soul is immortal:

Most of the time human beings worry about death. But the truth is our soul never dies. It just changes body once the physical body dies. Our physical body is made up of fire, water, air and earth. So after death our physical body mixes with the nature. So one should never worry about death.

  1. Everything is for good:

Think everything is for good. What happened is good, what’s happening is good and whatever will happen is for good as well. If something happens around us is happens for reason. So don’t worry for the happenings. Time changes if you are worried about the things that happens around you, you cannot live a happy life.

  1. There is an end to everything:

The world is perishable, it cannot stay the same forever. The same applies to our life. One cannot expect something to be forever. We come to this world for a reason once it is done we have to leave. One cannot stop the nature or stop the death. So don’t try to change the nature.

  1. You didn’t bring anything, you won’t take anything:

We didn’t bring anything when we came to this world. We will not take anything when we die. Desire is the worst villain. If one understands the above thought he or she may not expect anything. Their life will be happy forever.

The above thoughts are only a drop from Gita. It’s a vast book with numerous thoughts. If one understand the Gita completely his life will be blissful. It has turned the life of so many great leaders like Swamy vivekanandha, Mahatma Gandhiji. Try to read at least one verse a day. You will experience the life the way you have to experience it.

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