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Dangal and Geeta Phogat

Dangal“Dangal” a name that’s making a name in Bollywood even before its screening (I meant not screened in theatres). The Biographical sports drama is all set to release on 23rd December 2016 (This post was published on 22nd December, 2016). The sublime reach of the movie is evident even in a countryside. The publicizing was done by Amir Khan himself- off course he does it for all his movies- and he has done a handsome job.

The bascal of the movie is wrestling (don’t bring in Sultan here). The recent timeline of Bollywood has been decorated with too many sports related movies. The surprise bite is that most of them were successful. This might be the encouraging factor for Amir, who has come out with a flick based on a real life story. Mostly sports based movies are a dip of a real life incidents, but what makes this Amir’s edition special?

Amir, nope I should say Nitesh Tiwary (Director) has brought in a wrestling story from Haryana. The flick is based on Gita Phogat’s life incidents. Gita Phogat once much celebrated Indian Woman wrestler -Once? Yup, we tend to forget many achievers, she is one among them- now the wife of Indian wrestler Pawan Kumar has lend in her story for the movie.


Geeta Phogat

Geeta Phogat the first Indian woman wrestler to participate in Olympics was born on 15th December, 1988 in Balali village, Haryana. She was one among the four daughters of the former Indian wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat. These four girls Geeta, Babita, Ritu and Sangita along with Mahavir’s nephews Vinesh and Priyanka were fondly called as the Phogat sisters. All six of them were wrestlers.

Geeta Phogat was the first among them to win gold in Commonwealth Games. Her success in Commonwealth games and qualification for 2012 Olympics were one of the historic moments in Indian women’s sports history. She has become the first Indian woman to do so. This rooted the women’s wrestling history in India. Her sisters and cousins have also brought laurels to the nation. Babita and Vinesh have won gold medals in Commonwealth Games. No wonder that her story was the inspiration behind the movie.

The movie was screened to press people in Delhi prior to the release (One of the marketing strategies by Amir). It has got positive comments from most of the first watchers.

Few comments:

  1. The movie might seed feminism in the viewer’s minds
  2. Do expect for some surprises
  3. An emotional entertainer
  4. Dangal wins hearts

Directer: Nitesh Tiwary

Cast: Amir Khan, Sakshi Tanwar

Music: Pritam

Produced by: Walt Disney Pictures, Amir Khan production and UTV motion pictures

Distributed by: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

So the movie is expected to be another feather in sports biographies. We will get back to you with a detailed review soon.



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