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Clifton Chronicles has come to an end

9781250061638The world famous family saga “Clifton Chronicles” by Jeffrey Archer has come to an end with the publication of “This Was a Man”. It is the seventh and final book of the series. Published by Pan Macmillan India the book is a 400 pages long.

The story starts with a trigger being pulled and it moves on to reveal who is the shooter? Who is the receiver? The final installment has shown Jeffrey Archer’s master class in delivering novels. It’s a gripping tale of family saga which is filled with twists.

Clifton Chronicles, the family saga was first published in the 2011 has instantly become the best seller. The book was published from Bangalore, India by Jeffrey Archer as a part of his world tour. The story is about Clifton and Barrington, two families opposite to each other in views. The story revolves around Harry Clifton the protagonist. The series has got positive reviews from both critics and fans.

The books in order Only Time Will Tell, The Sins of the Father, Best Kept Secret, Be Careful What You Wish For, Mightier than the Sword, Cometh The Hour were released in subsequent years. The final part has been released on 3rd of November. It has already started topping the best seller’s list. If you are a fan of Jeffrey grab a copy and don’t miss the epic climax of the series.


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