Clarity is the only spirituality

Clarity is the Only Spirituality, self-help a different approach- Book review

Clarity is the only Spirituality review: “Genuine spirituality is the quest for truth, the eternal verities, and not the search for peace and happiness.” About the book: Clarity is the only Spirituality, is about being clear in mind to have a perfect life. It speaks about different aspects of life, in which we need clarity. […]

Will you still love me review

Will you still love me, one of Ravinder’s bests- Book review

“Address anything. She smiled gracefully and walked back to the end of the aircraft.” Plot Summary: Rajveer and Lavanya meet each other in a flight journey. It was love at first sight (Flight) for Rajveer. As Lavanya wasn’t fell for Rajveer initially, she does towards the latter half. Once the love settles, life has other […]

When the chief fell in love review

When the chief fell in love, a political thriller with love to color it- Book review

‘Kashmiriyat… Jamhooriyat… Insaniyat… It has been a while since I’ve seen you smile’  Plot summary: Vihaan Shastri, the defence minister of India has become the talk of the country, after his successful mission against a terrorist attack. Things were fine until Zaira Bhat – his ex-girlfriend – enters his life again. People starts protesting against […]

Pimp in the pulpit review

Pimp in the Pulpit, a realistic family drama -Book review

“Not everyone who says they love you genuinely loves you because their actions speak volumes.” Plot Summary: Lillian McBride has turned 95 and the family is gearing up to celebrate this special occasion. McBride known as Lucifer has four children. A son and three daughters. Each of Lucifer’s children has different opinion about the celebration. […]

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