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The Boy with a broken heart, a perfect sequel – Book review

The Boy with a Broken Heart review: “You’re asking me to hold your hand. And now you’re turning away from me. You are saying something but I can’t hear you. It’s too windy. You’re crying now. Now you’re smiling. I’m done. I love you “

Plot Summary: Raghu shies away from the world after his failed love with Brahmi. Advaita lives in an orthodox joint family, where women are treated badly. Raghu and Advaita are fated to meet each other. Advaita becomes interested in Raghu’s past and Raghu unfolds his past to her. Their life takes twists after the unfolding. What happens to Raghu’s past love? What twists engage Raghu and Advaita? What happens in the end has been narrated in the 240 pages twisty novel.

The boy with a broken heart book reviewAuthor: Durjoy Datta

Published by: India Penguin Metro Reads

Pages: 240

Price: Rs. 118/- Buy now

Goosebumps review: A must read for Durjoy fans and romance lovers. The twists and turns would keep the readers engaged, especially in the second half. The end of the novel might surprise many. Goosebumps guaranteed.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

The Boy with a Broken Heart review:

Durjoy Datta is known to satisfy the nerves of his fans and he does it with ease in his recent outing, The Boy with a Broken Heart. It is the sequel of The Boy who Loved. The first novel in the series has left the readers with too many questions and expectations. The Boy with a Broken Heart is the perfect sequel to the former.

What works well in the sequel is its characterization. Readers can easily attach to the characters. The background of each character is penned perfectly. The lead characters would live in every readers mind. When the characters become emotional the readers can feel the same. That’s Durjoy’s first boundary.

Next comes the story. Though the story drags in the initial stages, but it gains phase in the later half. Durjoy has handled the twists with exceptionality. One cannot guess the story’s travel. I was really surprised by the end of it. The end of the novel might impress few and disappoint few.

The lucid language and the size of the book work in its favor. If you loved “The Boy who loved” your love for the series would double after reading “The Boy with a Broken Heart”. A must read for Durjoy fans and romance lovers.

  • Characterization
  • Emotional part
  • Second half of the novel
Could be better:
  • The first half
  • The climax

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