Bogan, another Thani Oruvan in cards? Movie review

Partner yedhayum arambhikradhuku muna mindset rombha mukiyam. Ipo nama yepadi erukom… Sandhosama erukom….

Plot summary: The plot is about an intelligent cop Vikram and over intelligent baddie Aditya. Vikram is a straight forward police officer who is happy in his own world with his lady love Mahalakshmi. Aditya a baddie who has the power to rob the entire world crosses Vikram’s life. The cat and mouse game begins. What’s Aditya’s power? How Vikram tackles Aditya? Did Vikram win the game? Watch it in theatres.


Directed by: Lakshman

Starring: Jeyam Ravi, Aravind Swamy, Hansika Motwani

Produced by: Prabhu Deva and K.Ganesh

Music by: D.Imman

Running time: 149 minutes

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Goosebumps review: An intelligent plot with excellent acting by the leads. Jeyam Ravi and Aravind Swamy are back with another engaging movie. Goosebumps guaranteed. Especially in the second half.

3.9 Stars (3.9 / 5)

Lakshman who has raised to fame by his debut directorial Romeo Juliet has produced another intelligent drama. This time he has hooked up the Thani Oruvan duo and the duo has rocked once again.

The plot of Bogan is intelligent and well-crafted one. The importance given to the antagonist was excellent. Aravind Swamy who has threatened Kollywood as Sidharth Abimanyu (Thani Oruvan) has delivered another energetic performance. As Aditya he has hypnotised everyone on screen and off screen. He is natural as a baddie (No offense).

Jayam Ravi as Vikram is as impressive as Aravind Samy. The police officer in Ravi is always a treat to watch and he doesn’t disappoint. Be it a straight forward police officer or the baddie (Baddie? Have to watch the film :P) Ravi scores distinction.

Hansika Motwani has little to offer in terms of screen presence but she manages to plant herself in the audience’s mind. All the other characters have done their part well. But it is all the way Jayam Ravi and Aravind Swamy’s show.


Lakshman has done a great screenplay. The first half was entertaining and tops in the interval block. The second half is on and on a cat and mouse game between the positive and negative. The thrill in the second half never leaves till the climax.

The biggest positive of the movie is the way the negative role was portrayed. There are scenes were the baddie over shadows the hero which brings whistle in the theaters (Especially for Aravind Swamy). The errors that Jeyam Ravi makes as a cop was a reality touch.

Soundarajan’s hardwork behind the camera is evident throughout the movie. D.Imman’s background was brilliant and boosts the screenplay, but he fails to score in songs (Except Damaal Dumeel). Every department has given it’s best to make the movie a hit.

The length of the movie might play boring game on few. Otherwise it’s a great show by Ravi and Aravind.

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