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You are the best friend is another masterpiece -Book review

You are the best friend review: Remember friends, only two things can make a person happy. Acceptance and forgiveness. Accept the person the way he is, and forgive others.

Plot summary: Ajay has lost his wife Bhavana to a deadly disease. He finds it hard to move on. Bhavana’s memory and the love he has for her occupies his life. He meets Anisha, who was not so happy about Ajay’s hatred towards god. She wants to prove him wrong. But, things shapes their relationship into a healthy friendship. What happens to Ajay? Did Anisha prove that Ajay is wrong about his perception? What made Anisha and Ajay into friends, though they are poles apart makes the 236 pages heart-warming story.

You are the best friend reviewAuthor: Ajay.K.Pandey

Publisher: Westland

Pages: 236 (Paperback)

Price: Rs. 92/- Buy now

Goosebumps review: A touching and feel good novel with lot of emotions. The memories of Bhavana and Anisha would rule Ajay’s life as well as readers. A must read novel for Ajay fans and romance lovers.

Rating: (4.5 / 5)

You are the best friend review:

Ajay.K.Pandey has won hearts with his previous novels novels “You are the best wife” and “Her last wish”. You are the best friend is his third creativity. It is the sequel of Her last wish. Both the novels ‘Her Last wish’ and ‘You are the best friend’ are Ajay’s own life stories.

The story picks from where Her last wish left us. The story is a combination of painful memories and feel good moments. Ajay is one of the few writers who makes the readers to feel the emotions. You are the best friend is no exception.

The way Ajay has sketched the characters are exceptional, especially the lead character Ajay (The author himself). One can really understand the life of a person who lost his dear once through Ajay’s pains (Ajay’s words as well). When the memories of Bhavana sweeps him he sweeps us with his emotions.

Anisha is the feel good character of the story. Her advices to Ajay and her care for him would make the readers to long for Anishas in their own life.

The novel is simple and genuine in its own way. Every reader might feel the words touch their hearts. By the end one could feel the satisfaction of reading a complete novel.

The wordings are simple and the lucid language makes it a fine read. One can finish it in one go. If you have read Her last wish, don’t miss this sequel. A must read for Ajay fans and romance lovers.

Touched the heart:


Memories of Bhavana

Anisha and Aja’s relationship

Lucid language and length of the book

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