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Beauty and the Beast postponed in Malaysia

Beauty and the Beast, the Disney’s fairy tale has run into trouble in Malaysia. The Malaysian censor board has asked the film unit to cut a gay moment from the movie. However the team unit is not interested in doing so, instead Disney has postponed its release in Malaysia until further notice.

According to Mr. Abdul Halim the Chairperson of the Malaysian Censorship Board “Beauty and the Beast has been approved but with a minor cut”. The minor cut includes a gay moment from the movie which was earlier mentioned by the director Bill Condon. This is the first time a Disney movie has a gay moment.

Beauty and the Beast

In Russia Beauty and the Beast ran into trouble by a law maker who asked for a ban on the movie. Rather the censor board of Russia has approved the movie with an adults only certification. These news has put the fairy tale fans of Malaysia and Russia in desperation.

The movie which was inspired from an animated movie released by Disney in 1991 of the same name. The original was based on a fairy tale by Jeanne Marie Leprince de Beaumont. The movie stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in lead role. The movie is scheduled to hit the screens from 17th March, 2017.



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