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Beauty and the Beast trailer review. A charming and visually strong trailer.

Still a month and half away Beauty and the Beast have already been a celebration. The huge names like Emma Watson, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans haven’t knocked you down this new trailer will. The added surprise was Emma Watson’s song. Yes! Emma Watson has sung a song in the movie which will make her fans go crazy.

The trailer almost showed the whole movie. It starts with Emma Watson in her small village living happily. Luke Evans is shown praising his own beauty and later startled by Emma’s gorgeousness.  Things change when Emma’s father runs into a beast. Emma goes in search of him and lands in the prison of the beast. The antiques in the palace (Prison) start speaking to Emma. She understands the soft side of the beast. Later Emma falls in love with the beast so does the beast on her.

To start with, the visuals are cool and Emma Watson adds extra charm to it. She looks gorgeous in the Yellow Belle dress. The VFX was good, especially the beast and the antiques. The expressions and the acting of the lead pair need special mention. The romantic portions are cute. The background score feels perfect. The song at the end of the trailer will bring down the floor. On the whole the trailer looks promising.

The Bill Dondon directorial is scheduled to release on March 17, 2017. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures will be releasing the movie in both 2D and 3D. Walt Disney has also planned a special screening of the movie on March 16. The screening would take place in 590 locations which has IMAX, Dolby Cinema and other premier features. The special screening also includes the song by Ariana Grande and John Legend.

Going by the trailer the movie would be a blockbuster with the strong cast and their fan base.


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